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Dixie Hat


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This item has been a mainstay of the United States Navy since 1880.

Details: The Hat, Service (White) or “Dixie Cup” hat, the symbol of the American Navy sailor, has centuries of tradition. In 1852, the white cover was a companion to the soft visor-less blue hat. In 1866, regulations permitted a white straw hat for summer wear. During the 1880s, the white “sailor hat” appeared as a low rolled brim, high domed item made of wedge shaped pieces of canvas instead of straw. The canvas hat was eventually replaced by cotton as a cheaper and more comfortable material. The Navy Uniform Board received numerous complaints about the shape and durability of the sailors’ white hats which, especially in hot climates, caused the low brim to droop and caused an unsightly appearance. More stitching was added to the brim which allowed the brim to stand upright. This practice of reinforced stitching continues to be the key ingredient in the molding of this symbol of the United States Navy. At ORC Industries, we are making the “Dixie Cup” hat to the high standards and specifications that the U. S. Navy demands, and continuing to uphold this strong American tradition of “Made in the USA”.

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