About ORC Industries


ORC Industries is a not-for-profit manufacturing, logistics, and assembly company, dedicated to producing exceptional quality products, premier services, and furthering the mission of the organization.

ORC Industries employees at work.

ORC Industries’ work is as diverse as our Customers. We are a Department of Defense contractor, outdoor recreation product manufacturer, and we provide assembly and packaging for organizations and companies throughout the world.  We are proud of the fact that our production is entirely “Made in the USA”, with locations in Arcadia and La Crosse, Wisconsin, and in Brownsville, Texas.

The Mission of ORC

ORC Industries began in 1966 with the simple philosophy that everyone can and should have the opportunity to make a difference, and that by doing so, a person gains a sense of pride and self-worth that no other person or agency can give to them. Work is the way that people can make a difference, and, at ORC Industries, we are challenged by our own mission to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities so that they, too, can experience the personal and financial fulfillment of a job well done.

Made In the USA

Whether we’re producing the Improved Combat Shelter for the US Armed Forces or packaging another shipment of Redfeather Snowshoes, we can say with pride that our products are “Made in the USA” and our quality is second to none.