Vocational Services

What We Do

Our mission is to advance the independence, productivity, and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities through employment opportunities. For over 55 years, ORC has been assisting adults with disabilities gain employment and learn valuable skills.  Located in La Crosse (WI), Arcadia (WI), and Brownsville (TX) communities, ORC provides opportunities to learn skills in many verticals of business.

Vocational Services

ORC strives to establish employment prospects and job training initiatives catered to adults with disabilities. Additionally, we offer support services to aid individuals in exploring and cultivating new skills, talents, and interests while participating in the workforce. With the help of our job coaches and experienced team leads, our vocational program has been carefully crafted to train adults with disabilities and foster significant work experiences that lead to a future of greater independence.

ORC Enclave Employee Program

Our Enclave program enables our employees to leave the ORC campus to go perform various jobs at businesses in our community. Employees go in groups with a job coach to designated worksites to perform tasks such as: packaging, labeling, groundskeeping, janitorial, and many others. Being an enclave is an invaluable experience for our employees and assists them in learning new skills and while working alongside our customers employees. This also is a great opportunity for local businesses to provide employment opportunities to those with disabilities.

Benefits to our employees:

  • Receive direct assistance from an ORC job coach to help you succeed!
  • Learn new skills in various settings outside of the ORC campus.
  • Meet new people within the community.

Advantages for our customers:

  • Direct supervision from an ORC Industries job coach.
  • Monthly billing – no payroll or HR hassles.
  • Enclave participants fall under the ORC Industries workers compensation insurance while working at your site.
  • Very quickly and efficiently expand your workforce as needed!

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"ORC Industries Enclave Program provided excellent services to my business and helped me streamline my cleaning and warehouse maintenance program while providing an excellent benefit to community members who WANT to work and be of service. I will use ORC's Enclave Program again in the future." - Black River Distributing