ORC Industries FAQs


Questions about Employment in the Work Services/Pre-Vocational Services Program

What will I learn from working at ORC?
The work you perform at ORC will depend upon what jobs are available, the capabilities and skills that you have and what referral questions the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist might be trying to answer. You may not always be performing your favorite tasks, but you will be learning new job skills that could potentially lead you to competitive employment.

What, exactly, is being observed?
This depends on the reasons that you were referred to ORC for Work Services and the individualized goals that you have on your program plan which will be written by the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, who is your case manager. Some of the things that may be observed and reported include: attendance, punctuality, work abilities, ability to learn and complete new tasks, productivity, motivation, social skills, following of company policies, following directions, workplace behavior and vocational interests.

Can I take a tour of the facility before I start?
Yes! You or somebody who assists you may call ORC at any time to schedule a tour. If you decide that ORC is a place you may like to work, you may be referred by a local agency that assists you. Also, feel free to fill out a job application and return it.

Where is ORC?
At the top of this page are all the locations of our facilities. For more information, including contact information and a map, click on any of the location names.

Do I have to participate in the Work Services Program?
If you have been referred to the program, then your referral source thinks that it is a good idea for you. However, the final decision is yours.

Why do I need Work Services?
The purpose of the program is to help you and/or your provider(s) assess your ability to work. The ORC Work Services Program is a great starting point to determine what limitations/disabilities you have and what kinds of services you may find beneficial in order to succeed in the workforce. People who have had difficulty with finding and keeping a competitive job have received great benefits from the work services program. Additionally, many employees have found that our Work Services Program provides the support that they need, and remain in it as an active employee for a long period of time.

What are some possible outcomes of Work Services?
Periodically ORC staff, your parent/guardian and/or any other persons involved with your case will hold a staffing. At this time, we will discuss your progress at ORC and what other options are available to you. You may choose to continue at ORC or to participate in other options presented at the staffing.

How will I be paid for the work I do?
ORC complies with all state and federal wage and hour regulations, and holds certificates permitting certain individuals whose disabilities or limitations limit their ability to work at a competitive level to be paid less than the regular minimum wage. If so, you will be paid a “commensurate wage” based upon your productivity for each job.

Questions about a Vocational Evaluation

What if I don’t want to go through or finish the Vocational Evaluation?
Participation is totally up to you. The whole purpose of the evaluation is to provide meaningful information about your work abilities, but you will not be forced to attend or complete the Vocational Evaluation at ORC.

What types of things will I do during my Vocational Evaluation?
Each evaluation is different because they are developed for individual goals and needs. The largest part of an ORC Vocational Evaluation generally consists of the real-work component (Situational Assessment). Your evaluation may also contain, depending on several factors, paper-pencil testing, work samples (hands on testing) and vocational exploration. Refer to the Vocational Evaluation page for more information.

Why do I need a Vocational Evaluation?
The purpose is to help you assess your ability to work. You may have some type of limitation that limits your capacity to find, keep or perform work at a competitive level. The ORC evaluation is a good starting point to determine limitations that you may have and what kinds of services or accommodations you may need in order to participate in the workforce, but most importantly, it will help you to discover what your abilities and skills are so that you can incorporate them into your job search process.

What are some possible outcomes of the Vocational Evaluation?
Shortly after your evaluation, the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (evaluator) will prepare a detailed report of the assessments you went through and also the results. A staffing will be held with the Evaluator, any other people or providers involved with your services and yourself. During this meeting you will also be presented with options or suggestions that resulted from your evaluation. These may include: competitive employment, job placement, supported employment, Work Adjustment Training, facility-based Work Services, application for SSI/SSDI etc. or further medical/psychological services. As a side-note, some services that are recommended to you may have waiting lists or require approval from other agencies before the assistance can be obtained.

Will I be paid for the work I do during the evaluation?
Remember that the purpose of your Vocational Evaluation is for you to learn about your abilities and interests, not to substitute for a job. Therefore, orientation, testing and staffing will not be paid. Only working time spent on actual ORC jobs during your evaluation will be paid. Payment will most likely be at piece-rate, which means that your check will be determined by how much time you spent working, and how many pieces of work you completed. The value you will receive will not be the paycheck, it will be the knowledge you will gain about yourself.

May I take a tour of the facility before I begin my Vocational Evaluation?
Yes, after you have been referred, ORC will send you a confirmation letter that will tell you your proposed start date and give details on how to arrange a tour. You may also call (608) 781-7727 at any time to arrange a tour.

Questions about Work Adjustment Training

Where can I get more information about Work Adjustment Training?
Your referral source has most likely given you detailed information about this service. Please refer to our Work Adjustment Training page for further information. If you still have questions, feel free to contact your referral source or ORC Industries. If you have not been referred for Work Adjustment Training but are interested in this training opportunity for yourself or somebody you know, feel free to contact ORC for further information.