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Made In America, by ORC INDUSTRIES

ORC Industries is proud to be a preferred supplier to the United States Armed Forces. From tarps to ponchos, tents to the United States Navy Dixie Hats, ORC Industries has led the way in innovative materials, new applications and techniques. We have a proud history of the highest quality production in keeping with equally high United States Military standards.

These same first quality military grade products can also be purchased under special arrangements we have with the US Government. When ORC Industries has a surplus of finished goods, we offer them for sale to consumers who need and want the very best in outdoor gear. We invite you to shop online for items we have in stock. Check back often, because our overstock status is constantly changing.

United States Armed Forces Supplier

Since 1976, ORC Industries has been supplying the US Armed Forces and Special Operations Forces with ponchos, the Improved Rain suit, soft shell jackets and pants, wind shirts, hard shell rain suits, field tarpaulins, tents and more. ORC is the exclusive supplier of the United States Navy “Dixie Cup” Hat, a naval tradition since 1880.

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Redfeather Snowshoes

In addition to being a military supplier, ORC Industries also manufactures Redfeather Snowshoes, one of the most highly regarded outdoor products in its respective category.

Redfeather Snowshoes was established in 1988 and revolutionized the sport of snowshoeing. Today, Redfeather Snowshoes continues to set the pace for all other snowshoes to follow in its tracks. Cutting edge technology and a snowshoe for every type of enthusiast, age and experience level are just a few of Redfeather’s hallmarks.

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